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Humanism Day

Why Humanism Day?

Humanism is a combined manifestation of set of divine virtues such as compassion, non violence and bliss. These values form the inherent nature of all human beings. This state of personality is considered as the most matured. Such personality is beyond any physical or mental boundaries of You and I. It’s acts are a personification of concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam i.e. oneness with all. There is no trace of separatism on the basis of nationality, gender, caste, community and so on.

A human being, who strays away from its basic nature under the influence of forces of attachment and attraction, invariably moves away from the field of compassion, non violence and bliss. As a result, the peace of mind is lost. The disturbances or imbalance caused due to worldly attraction and attachment creates this abnormality.

Humanity is going through deep crisis over the past few centuries. Humans have continued to move away from their basic nature and inherent culture. Ego, greed, selfishness have taken over the governance of human faculties of thought, feeling and perception. This ignorance requires awareness to be created. A day dedicated to reflect on the inherent values and nature will create this awareness. Such awareness will drive the efforts to rehabilitate and resurrect the human mind. Evolution of mind in such a way will lead to restoration of humanity.

Why 1st January?

The sunrise of new year marks the beginning of a new thought; inspired by fresh energy and supported by new resolve. It is an auspicious time to take oath of making self efforts to evolve the human values within.

Resources for Humanism Day ceremony

Message of Humanism – English

Message of Humanism – Hindi

This audio file has the message to be played during the Humanism Day ceremony. Length of the audio is 5 minutes. The message describes the importance of Humanism day in the current world scenario.

Program details & protocol – English

Program details & protocol – Hindi

This PDF document contains the agenda of the ceremony and protocol to be followed for the same. Care should be taken to stick to the agenda and maintain the timing as mentioned in the document.

Humanism Anthem

This audio file has the Humanism Anthem to be played immediately after hoisting of the flag. Currently only Hindi version is uploaded. English version would be made available soon.

Universal Harmony Flag Design

This jpg file has the design of the Universal Harmony Flag that is to be hoisted during the ceremony. This file can be used to print the flag. The ratio of 3 (length) X 2 (width) to be maintained while printing.

Event photos (2016)

From Bangalore, Karnataka, India

From Amravati, Maharashtra, India

From Sausar, Madhya Pradesh, India

From Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

From Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

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