1st Sept 1960:Birth in a farmer family at Takli village in Wardha district of Maharashtra state, India.

8th Mar 1967: First profound spiritual experience where he had realization of cosmic primordial power (Adishakti) in human form and gave the mission of welfare of mankind. Beginning of intense sadhana under his 1St Guru — VidehiSonamata.

1974: Left formal education. Met his 2nOI Guru — Sadguru Sanchareshwar, a patriotic saint. Continued his sadhana for next 4 years under guidance of Videhi Sonamata, 2 Kms away from his village.

1978: Took samadhi for 50 days in Inzala village, Wardha district. Attained enlightenment on the mid night of Mahashivratri festival. For the next 12 years continued the intense sadhana across 35 locations. During this period he closely studied nearly 300 different religious sects.

1981: Inspired by Sadguru Sanchareshwar towards service to the Nation. Lost eye sight and regained it on Gudipadwah day after 2 months during singing of bhajan. Proceeded for further penance in Haridwar, Badrinath, Gangotri, Mansarovar, Kedarnath.

1985: Mr Sanjay Lonkar aged 15 of Inzala village received back his eye sight. Mrs Vidya Wankhede of village Pipal got her blood cancer completely cured clue to his grace and blessings

1993: Took the resolve into service to Hind Rashtra and human awakening on the night of Mahashivratri from his mother Smt Anjana mata.

1995: Conceptualized Path of Divine life mission.

2001: Named as Arvind by Guru Sonamata and Mother Anjana Mata.

2002: Honored and blessed with the title of Maharshi by his Guru and Mother.

2007: Did advanced sadhanas in Badrinath, Himalayas.

2008: Developed education curriculum for dissemination of practical knowledge of the Self (inner personality development).

2009: Incarnation of Hind Rashtra logo. Founded Maharshi Arvind Foundation.

2012: Introduced Siddha Krushi, Multisiddha Medisciences and Nature Oriented Education based on traditional scientific knowledge and cultural heritage for development of a prosperous society.

2014: Started concept of Humanity Day to create awareness about awakening of human values

2019: Named as Maharshi Gaj Arvind on Mahashivratri. Started Hind Rashtra Utsav