The end goal of every single activity we do in life is to get eternal and infinite happiness. Nobody wants to experience suffering. Due to lack of proper knowledge of self, an individual chases the objects in the external world to find solution to life’s challenges that lies in physical, mental and emotional dimensions. This ignorance results in dissatisfaction, disappointment & frustration which eventually results in suffering leading to disturbed families, divided societies and disintegrated nations as shown in figure below.

Path of Divine Life’s vision of One integrated world Family i.e. an integrated world of eternal infinite happy people, strongly bonded on human values and culture, is inspired by the mission towards universal development of human values of Peace, Unconditional love and Non violence through the revolutionary combination of Self Life Education, Value Education and Career oriented education systems.

PDL’s approach is to awaken the intellect and evolve the consciousness of an individual who is the fundamental unit of the “one integrated world”.

Fig. – PDL’s approach towards a well developed and integrated world of eternal infinite happy people.