Pdl Courses Structure

Path of Divine Life offers unique experiential courses to enable total integrated development of an individual through its Self Life Education program. The philosophy behind Self Life Education is Life Management through Mind Management.

These courses based on the principles of universally available cosmic life force are inspired from the ancient wisdom of living life in harmony with nature, developed by the highly evolved sages of Siddham Yog tradition. It harmoniously blends the three paths of Jnana (Knowledge), Karma (Selfless Service) and Bhakti (Devotion) to achieve the meaningful goal of life.

These courses are classified into three broad streams with each stream having seven courses. Each course is then sub divided into various levels together to make total of 91 courses.

PDL-I :-This stream is inspired by the path of Bhakti (Devotional), focuses on science & philosophy of prayer, mantra and energy healing processes.

PDL-II :- This is advanced stream inspired by path of Jnana (Knowledge) where student learns higher yogic techniques to seek answers about life’s questions and problems.

PDL-III :- This stream, inspired by the path of Karma (Selfless Service) is designed to provide guidance and training to enable the student to serve the humanity by taking the torch of higher knowledge into its sphere of influence.


Devotion means total surrender to the supreme and surrender is not possible without total faith. It is the highest state of unconditional love. The PDL–I course stream is designed to invoke the devotional currents in the student.

1. Inner Purification Prayer
Prayer is the worship of the Prana (life force) which is not bounded by religion. It helps align the emotional energies towards the objective the prayer is targeted for. Depending upon the state of purification of mind the objective of prayer varies from individual to individual. The ‘Inner Purification Prayer’ is the prayer of real self (the God within) for the purification of mind. The deep philosophy of the content and subtle vibrations of chants influences the flow of the divine energy from within. It is a simple tool that can be practiced by anybody, anywhere at any time. Doing it in a group multiplies the effect. Integrating it in daily routine helps to create positive environment at home that brings happiness, peace and love in our life. In this course, the student understands the science and philosophy of prayer and receives a 20 minute module that can be practiced in daily life to invoke devotional ability.

2. Cosmic science of vibrations
Shabda (Word) is the source of creation. Mantra is the collection and organization of words that generate divine energy. It is an energy form of a God. The science of Mantra is vast and mystic. Each mantra produces a specific vibration and accordingly invokes the deity of that energy frequency. When a Mantra is chanted continuously with proper intonation, there is an immediate set up of vibrations in the nervous system. It establishes the harmony between oneself and the nature. Mantra is given by Guru (spiritual master) according to the level of consciousness of the seeker. The guidance of the Guru is necessary before initiating any Mantra Sadhana. In this course, the student understands the philosophy and science of Mantra and its powers. Some Mantras have meaning while some are just plain organization of syllables to produce higher energy field. These syllables are called beej mantras. This course prepares the student for the advanced courses of PDL II, all of which are based on the power of Mantras.

3. Work is Worship
Wherever there is energy there is action (Karma). Every creation is governed by the law of Karma. Idleness is sign of death. Our attitude towards the results or fruits of these actions (karma) binds or liberates us because the attitude is an expression our inner self. Each action however small or big leaves an impression on mind. Attachment to karma leads to nourishment of Ego while detachment leads to deep satisfaction. Work is worship course enables the student with practical approach towards the law of karma and how to detach oneself from the results of karma so that one can remain balanced and stable even in situations of sorrows, difficulty, stress, etc. Regular practice makes life blissful.

Energy Development & Therapy
Energy therapy, also called as Healing, is a technique to use the therapeutic power of divine energy for the holistic treatment at spiritual, emotional & mental planes which eventually reflects in the form of positive actions in the physical plane. This universe is a system of objects and each object works on the principle of give and take of energy to strike equilibrium. In energy therapy, the healer channels the positive energy into the subject (living or non living) which is under the influence of negative energy. Healer should be in the positive state of mind for effective and quick results. Healer is initiated into the energy healing by accomplished master who transfers his esoteric wisdom in the form of energy to activate the energy centers. There are four courses for energy development & therapy.

4. Self energy development & therapy
This is the basic course where student gets experience of cosmic energy. The student is introduced to the science of energy healing. He first undergoes the process of cleansing of his astral body followed by initiation by a charged Mantra. He experiences direct connection with cosmic divine energy. In this technique the energy is first amplified through the field generated by repeated chanting of Mantra & meditation and then it is channelized to the subject with cosmos as medium of transfer. The student is given various practical exercises to strengthen the experience of the cosmic energy. This course helps in the development of extra sensory potential and Will power of the student to help activate the qualities and urge to serve the physically, mentally & spiritually afflicted people.

5. World energy development & therapy
The technique taught in this course is a worship of a higher order. This process is divided into three types namely – Short (Laghu) anushthan, Medium (Maddhyam) anushthan and Advanced (Uchcha) anushthan. The categorization is done according to the commitment taken for the duration and total count for the number of mantras to be chanted in that duration. Each anushthan is done with a purpose. The bigger and selfless the purpose more intense is the resulting effect. Student needs to observe some restrictions and follow specific rules. He/She receives blessings from the deity of the mantra and starts to understand the higher energy as the anushthan progresses.

6. Astral Body energy development & therapy
Every human being owes his or her existence on this planet to their ancestors. In this fast paced life, we tend to forget our ancestors with time but they never forget us. They take care of us after their death, trying their best to remove the hurdles in our path and trying every means to connect with us. It is our duty to help them progress to higher energy domains so that they rest in peace. They are connected to our RNA & DNA and expect us to perform our duty of liberating them. In this course, the student learns what happens during and after the death and how each one of us is connected to the pool of ancestors. The ancestors who are at lower energy levels negatively influence energy field of their descendants on Earth thus bringing ancestral problems. Inability to get married, marital disharmony, loss of job, miscarriages, addictions, regular financial loss etc are some of the symptoms of ancestor problems. In this course the student learns the technique to heal their ancestors using the healing and helping ancestors to move to higher energy planes. This positive effect reduces the negative influence of energy and thus helps in the resolution of ancestral problems. This course is further divided into 3 levels. In first level, student experiences the existence of ancestors through sense of touch/visual. In next level the student liberates the ancestors from the Karmic debts and in final level liberates them to higher regions of spiritually charged energy.

7. Past birth meditation
Many people believe that life on Earth is everything and there is nothing before and after it. Spiritualists have observed that there exists subtle world which is beyond the sensory perception of common man but it can be experienced after improving the sensory levels beyond normal. There are many real stories where a person is able to remember past birth or able to connect with spirits in the astral plane. The records of past lives are stored in our cells. This course is designed to resolve student’s enquiries about the subtle world, life before birth & after death and so on through experience. We are connected with our past lives by the law of Karma. These connections influence everybody’s life. In this course, student learns the deep meditative technique to activate the intra cellular memory and explore about the past lives. The technique is non hypno and is performed in mass group where everyone experiences subtle world with total awareness. Student can heal those connections to overcome all attachments due to Karmas which enables progress in spiritual endeavors as well as helps attain joyous and peaceful life.


The courses of the PDL II stream are structured for the holistic development of student at body, mind & intellect level. These courses are based on enhancing the potential of human being by invoking the abundant dormant energy lying within the body and channelizing it to each and every cell through glands & tissues. With every course, the student progresses to unravel the mysteries of life through experiences and understands the actual meaning and purpose of life and self identity.

1. Cellular Awakening I (Bhutshuddhikriya)
Every matter including human body is made up of five basic elements (Bhutas) namely Earth, Water, Fire, and Air & Ether. The whole essence of Yoga is to get complete control on these five elements. The word “shuddhi” means purification and “kriya” means action. In this course the student uses the cosmic power of sound using special breathing technique to activate the energy centers. This rhythmic breathing combined with special hand movements helps in the generation of energy field around the spinal column, which results in the conversion of static energy of electrons into kinetic energy. As a result, the student experiences light, sound or blissful vibration during the practice. Continuous practice of this process increases capacity of lungs to increase the intake of oxygen. The mind waves stabilize at alpha level thus increasing the mental capacities. It is important to purify the entire inner mechanism to gain strength, higher consciousness, youthfulness & intellect.

2. Cellular Awakening II (Gurukriya)
Guru means Prana as it is the master force which opens gateway to the subtler world. This is advanced form of Bhutshuddhikriya which helps in purification of Prana. In this course, the student goes beyond the five elements into more subtler elements and eventually experiences the subtle vibrations of Prana. Anyone who can get control on Prana gets control on life and death. There are a total of 21 Gurukriyas with 7 each on gross, astral and causal body.

3. Conscious Mind Development
Emotions play a very important role in our day to day life but one cannot afford to be driven by emotions. It is a sign of a weak mentality. Mind is a seat of emotions and this course is a microsurgery performed on the conscious layer of the mind using the cosmic power of sound, heat and light energies through techniques of cosmic healing, advanced breathing and mudras (inner postures of mind control). In this course, the dormant power activated in energy centers using the techniques taught in Cellular Awakening, is used for the activation of subtle glands using intense thoughtless meditation. In this 10 day course, the series of techniques prepares the student for the most important technique called Granthi Bhedan, performed on 8th & 9th day for the uprooting of negative emotional energy in the conscious layer of mind. Granthis or the subtle glands are the points located in central channel (sushumna naadi) in spinal column where many other naadis (subtle energy channels) meet. There are three such vital glands where the emotional energy containing the impressions of current & past births lays stuck, obstructing the holistic inner progress of the individual and negatively influencing his personality. The student undergoes a series of interesting experiences during this period and develops a positive outlook towards life. It is a highly recommended course especially for the emotionally charged, depressed people and also for those who are looking to boost their spiritual progress.

4. Subconscious Mind Development
Shambhavi is the divine healing power of Shiva’s third eye. When the student is ready, the spiritual master (Guru) leads him to the higher levels of consciousness through transfer of his esoteric wisdom. Such process of transmission of energy is called “shambhavi deeksha”. It is intense meditation practice that results in higher energy levels. It is meant for the experienced student who regularly practices Gurukriya. This 14 day long course is designed for the conditioning of subconscious layer of mind. The vibration field produced using the seed syllables i.e. Beej Mantras, gets induced within the subtle cosmic elements of the body. The subtle cosmic elements in wave motion come in contact with the bio-electric field generated by the sound energy produced during the process of Shabda Pranayama. As a result, electric charge is accumulated within the cells, which is called the piezoelectric effect. Through the meditative awareness the energy field is redirected to the tissues in the body.

5. Super Conscious Mind Development
In this final course of PDL – part 2, the energy generated as a result of continuous chanting of special seed syllables or the beej mantras is coupled with the higher universal cosmic energy and is redirected to the body cells by way of deep meditative power. The strong vibrations generated through beej mantras can be experienced in the form of light or vibrations in entire body. These vibrations positively influence the genetic composition of the cells. The practitioner enters deeper states of meditation with increased awareness levels and transforms into a moving light house of positive energy with increased IQ and Wisdom that gets radiated in the form of his selfless thinking. It is considered among the top ten mahavidyas (higher knowledge). This vidya (knowledge) is said to be related with Goddess Lalita or Mahatripursundari. As Shree-vidya Shastra in essence advocates nivritti, it is also termed as Para-Vidya. Shree-vidya is Moksha Shastra or the science of liberation related with higher energy levels. The student is eligible for receiving this higher knowledge after the process of granthi bhedan & conditioning (subtle glands) is performed successfully during Conscious & Subconscious Mind Development courses. This Deeksha turns the tables even in the worst misfortunes, by making an individual capable of controlling all circumstances in his life.

6. Self Realization
Samadhi indicates to a super conscious state of mind. Sampragyat Samadhi is a transitional stage where the traces of mind become active according to their intensity. It has four types:- a) Logical reconciliation b) Thoughtful reconciliation c) Joyful reconciliation d) Unifying reconciliation This course breaks all the myths, assumptions and illusions around life and death and helps practitioner realize the ultimate truth and his real identity by experiencing oneness with the nature. In this 21 day residential course, the practitioner experiences oneness due to dematerialization of one basic element into another. Practitioner’s approach towards life changes completely after doing this course and this experience helps him gain knowledge of supreme science of life.

7. Absolute Realization
In this 24 day long residential course, the practitioner decodes the mysteries of universe and unravels the absolute truth of life by penetrating beyond the subtlest of cosmic vibrations within the cells through deeper meditation. In this divine experience, he realizes that entire universe is encapsulated within his body, within each cell. This is the supreme state of reconciliation that follows the Sampragyat Samadhi where the student liberates from the bondages of Actions or Karma. It is the human conscience that enables him to distinguish between the self and the supreme soul. But during supreme asceticism, this conscience no longer exists. When this state of supreme asceticism attains stability, the student is enlightened from within. All the miseries, sorrows, and sins are destroyed at this stage. Such practitioners, who have attained unification with the supreme soul, remain free from miseries of mundane matters and attain salvation after death.


Humanism is the implicit nature of human beings. Selfless service is the demeanor of humanism that brings humility and cheerfulness in human life. The joy of giving is eternal and highly satisfying. While PDL I & II course streams focus on developing the mental capacities by increasing the life force, PDL-III Shraddha Sanskar provides the opportunity to channelize the restless urge to do something for welfare of mankind at large generated due to higher energy force.

1. Fetus Personality & Development
Sanskar is a series of rituals performed at various stages of life for a well cultured upbringing of the individual to have refined human personality with elevated consciousness. Sanskar System (Sacramental Rites) has been at the core of teachings and practices from the Vedic age. It purifies the impressions lying in the astral plane. These impressions are formed from various sources such as – from the karmas of previous births, hereditary, habits etc. It is well known that fetus develops the ability to decipher human speech as early as 17th-18th week of pregnancy and by the seventh month all its sensory channels are active. Due to the higher grasping power during development cycle, fetus can acquire around 50% of the knowledge of whole life time. Parents have the responsibility to ingrain good qualities in the child and help it become a good human being. It is for these reasons; practice of Garbha Sanskar is performed in order to teach righteous values to the child while it is in the womb. In this course which is further subdivided into 3 levels, the student learns the science behind Sanskar system and learns the process of performing Garbha Sanskar, effect of parent’s relationship on fetus, inter relationship and development of fetus’ awareness & consciousness, effect of food habits on development of fetus’ brain, fetus teaching techniques, effect of emotional state of mother on fetus, techniques for five element balancing and development of astral body of fetus etc..Top

2. Child Personality & Development
A child is future of the nation as he has immense possibilities waiting to be extracted. It only needs right guidance in the early stages of life for a child to become a responsible citizen of the nation. He has pure mind which is why, he is seen as a reflection of God. Every individual is potentially divine. Many divine qualities such as courage, will power, compassion, devotion, respect for others, patriotism etc are there but not all of them are active in an individual. The system of sacramental rites acts as key to awaken these qualities. This course is meant for young children who undergo a practical approach for personality development as well as for those who are aspiring to contribute in building a clean society by way of becoming a teacher of humanism. The parents also find this course useful where they receive education for the upbringing of child in accordance with the system of nature.

3. Inner Personality Development
Personality is something that every human being desires to have the best in the society. However, good personality traits are not easy to acquire. A refined and holistically developed individual can only achieve this goal. It is an inside out process where development across all the faculties of human aspect takes place. This course is designed with innovative techniques for the holistic development of an individual across all the four dimensions – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual with focus on strengthening the spiritual and emotional characteristics and subsequently awakening the latent powers. The art of managing stress, anger, relationship, resources such as time and talent are key areas taught in this course. In addition, analytical skills on handwriting, body language, problem solving is also taught. This course is structured into 3 levels.

Selfless Service To Humanity
Humanism is not bounded by caste, gender, religion, geographical borders etc. It is the implicit knowledge that every human is born with. Selfless service to mankind is in the core of humanism rooted deeply which is stimulated naturally as an individual starts inner journey for the development of consciousness.

4. Youth Training
Youth is the symbol of energy. The urge to do something is very intense in young minds. The objective of this course is to prepare the youth to become a light house in order to guide the society towards righteous path of humanity through rightful utilization and channelization of energy and exuberance by giving a meaningful direction to it. The young members are made aware of their duties towards society, nation and planet at large. They undergo training to understand the power of thoughts and how to discriminate between good and bad thoughts. For this the student is required to go through the courses offered under PDL 1 & PDL 2 streams as a pre-requisite which help to connect with inner realms, self introspect and realize the power and potential of self. This experiential learning awakens the latent thinking capabilities that bring transformation in thoughts and eventually the personality. The student learns about goal & purpose of life and gets sense of direction for leading a meaningful life.

5. Volunteer’s Training
This is the second level of service to society, where self motivated individuals who are willing to take additional responsibilities and wish to contribute on a continuous basis with a minimum commitment of resources (time, financial, talent & skills, influence etc) are provided with 3 day training. Student is trained to execute various social programs such as performing sacramental rituals (Samskaras), study of enlightening literature (Swadhyay), organizing & managing the camps of Self Life Education courses, enabling the helpless to become self-reliant.

6. Teacher Training
Volunteers who consistently demonstrate passion for selfless service towards building a divine society through the philosophy of humanism and also make sincere efforts for refinement and development of self are awarded the Teacher status. This is a seven day course which is specially designed to train and prepare the newly crowned teachers to conduct the selected courses of Self Life Education program in various sectors such as academic institutions, corporate, government, tribes, transgender and so on. Students of these courses are trained to infuse positive energy through the art of positive thinking among their potential students and help them awaken their latent powers by harnessing divine energy for constructive and righteous use. These teachers are also trained in conducting the volunteer training programs. Students aspiring for this training must have attended all the PDL 1 & 2 courses have undergone Volunteer training.

7. Acharya Training
This is the fourth and highest level of service to humanity. The word Acharya is originated from Sanskrit which means a guide or teacher who teaches through his conduct or behavior. Those who become role model through continuous process of self refinement and transform themselves by applying the knowledge are regarded as degree of Acharyas. They possess higher spiritual zeal and energy and are highly talented and intelligent personalities. This course helps them acquire the necessary skills and qualities to carry forward the torch of knowledge forward and become a light house for ailing society. They act as the guardians of the legacy of Self Life Education and are expected to help in creation of more such strong pillars by imparting this knowledge to the deserving people through their rightful conduct. Students aspiring for this training must have attended all the PDL 1 & 2 courses have undergone Volunteer and Teacher trainings.