Dear Peacemaker,

Peace and Harmony are intrinsic nature of human beings. Every activity of human life is performed with an underlying desire to attain peace & harmony. Moving away from the fundamental nature results in suffering. To alleviate the suffering, one indulges further in the worldly affairs only to end up with more suffering. Man gets caught in this vicious cycle because of ignorance about the nature of the Self. Ignorance about the Self-identity creates crises in life.

This virus of ignorance causes havoc in all aspects and dimensions of life. The continuous increase of suffering, stress, strain, conflicts among the humans and their adverse effect on environment that is being witnessed worldwide, indicates the damaging potential of this virus of ignorance. Leaving it unattended would lead the mankind and the planet to disaster.

This virus of ignorance causes havoc in all aspects and dimensions of life. The continuous increase of suffering, stress, strain, conflicts among the humans and their adverse effect on environment that is being witnessed worldwide, indicates the damaging potential of this virus of ignorance. Leaving it unattended would lead the mankind and the planet to disaster.

After a gap of 2 years enforced by the pandemic, we are very happy to announce the 6th edition of the International Convention of Peacemakers for Universal Harmony. It is envisioned to further dwell on this subject which needs serious attention in order to have an improved quality of life globally. It is the high time to come together and think selflessly to save the world from disaster. The convention is scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka, which is a peace-loving nation, blessed with abundant natural beauty.

With every edition, we have scaled new heights and this convention has gained the appeal. It goes on to show the relevance of this kind of event that raises hope for a future that every human being dreams about.

The convention looks forward to valuable participation from the thoughtful intellectuals, decision makers, social workers, religious leaders from across the world.

The convention is a residential affair of 3 full days excluding the opening and the closing days. This allows the participating intellectuals to think cohesively and deeply. To facilitate the discussions and outcome, three closely interrelated subjects are chosen with one day dedicated for each subject.

The three subjects chosen for this convention are Humanity, Science and Peace. It’s the quality of Personality (Humanity) of its people that largely defines the destiny of a nation. Science & Technology is essential for growth but plays a supporting role in this equation. Technology driving the Personality is a recipe for disaster. Should be other way round. The balanced integration of Personality and Science & Technology is the way to global Peace.

The convention which is organized by Maharshi Arvind Foundation and Ethnic Science Foundation, both headquartered in India, will also feature an exhibition where the research and experiments conducted in the field of education, agriculture, healthcare based on this model of integrated development will be displayed.

We look forward for your enlightening presence in the convention. Invitation will be sent in due course.


General Guidelines:

  • The convention will be based on constructive group discussion.
  • The discussion will be restricted to the subjects in focus.
  • Any discussion/debate on sensitive topics like religion, faith, communalism, casteism, racism, any kind of criticism for a specific country, organization or individual to be avoided.
  • Registrations will close on 31st October 2022.
  • Online registration receipt or Government-issued ID card in original to be produced to confirm your identity on arrival.
  • Participation is mandatory on all days for registered peacemakers

Venue of the convention:

Sri Lanka Foundation Institute
#100, Independence Square
Colombo 7

Types of Accommodation:

Based on the type of accommodation, there are 4 different registration categories created to give you a broader range to choose from.

Registration CategoryAccommodation TypeRegistration Amount
Deluxe 1Twin sharing AC accommodation$250 for Foreigner Peacemaker
$200 for Sri Lankan Peacemaker
Deluxe 2Triple sharing AC accommodation$160 for Foreigner Peacemaker
$120 for Sri Lankan Peacemaker
Semi DeluxeTwin sharing AC accommodation$100 for Foreigner Peacemaker
$75 for Sri Lankan Peacemaker
Day ParticipantNo Accommodation$75 for Foreigner Peacemaker
$50 for Sri Lankan Peacemaker
Volunteer Twin sharing AC accommodationPeacemakers to use this category only after necessary authorization from the host organizations

Note –

Peacemakers who opted for Deluxe category will be accommodated in Hotel Janaki, 3 Fife Rd, Colombo 5
Peacemakers who opted for Semi Deluxe category will be accommodated in Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute, 114 Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7


Vegetarian meals will be served during the convention

Arrival & Departure:

Registered peacemakers who have opted accommodation are requested to arrive before 2 pm Colombo time on 12th December 2022.
Peacemakers are requested to plan for check out on 16th December before 11 am Colombo time.
Peacemakers who want to have extra days of stay to enjoy the tourism in Sri Lanka (either before or after the convention) are requested to make their own arrangements of stay for the extra days. The convention management can help them with the accommodation booking in the same hotel upon request made well in advance subject to availability.

Visa and travel guidelines:

Peacemakers are expected to make their own travel arrangements. The prevailing travel guidelines and visa information can be found at https://www.eta.gov.lk/
The invite letter required for visa will be issued upon request.
For any enquiries, please reach out to the details provided in Contact section.


Day TimeAgenda
Monday, 12th December, 20223:00 pm to 7:30 pmWelcome Ceremony, Meet & Greet, Flag hoisting, Context
Tuesday, 13th December, 20229:00 am to 8:00 pmGroup Photo, Keynote and Reflections on Humanity, Devotional musical performance
Wednesday, 14th December, 20229:00 am to 8:00 pmKeynote and Reflections on Science, Devotional musical performance
Thursday, 15th December, 20229:00 am to 8:00 pmKeynote and Reflections on Peace, Cultural Performance
Friday, 16th December, 20229:00 am to 1:00 pmAction Plan, Peace Awards

A more detailed schedule will be published in due course

Note – There will be yoga and mind management with BhutShuddhiKriya session every morning from 6 am to 7 am. To know more about BhutShuddhiKriya please visit https://pathofdivinelife.org/online-bhutshuddhikriya/

To get more out of these early morning sessions, it is recommended to learn BhutShuddhiKriya in advance through the free online program offered by Maharshi Arvind Foundation.

The Foundation has been conducting live online training on Bhutshuddhikriya every week in English and Hindi languages. This is a total 4 hour program distributed over 4 days. There is no charge to participate in this program. The classes are conducted from 7 AM to 8:15 AM IST and 7 PM to 8:15 PM IST from Friday to Monday every week. You can choose the morning or evening session based on your preference.

If you are interested to participate then please contact Mrs Manju Chhabra on her WhatsApp at +91-92412-96619 (https://wa.me/919241296619) with following details:

Name, City of residence, Country of residence, preferred language (English or Hindi), preferred timing (morning/evening).


The convention was started in 2015 at Bangalore. The subjects covered in each of the past 5 editions are given below:

2015 – Bangalore, India

Subjects: Life, Nature, & Humanity

2016 – Bangalore, India

Subjects: Peace, Personality, & Prosperity

2017 – Sri Lanka

Subjects: Non-Violence, Harmony, & Compassion

2018 – Goa, India

Subjects: Knowledge, Culture, & Development

2019 – Nepal

Subjects: Equality, Unity, & Prosperity


India Support
Mr. Anurag Chhabra: +91-98805-91977
Mr. Pranav Narkhede: +9190283-76655

Sri Lanka Support
Mr. Jayatissa TB: +94-718182213
Mr. Esmond De Silva: +94-772585877

Please write to us if you need further information – Contact Form