Why Vishwa Manavata Divas ?

Vishwa Manavata Divas is dedicated to humanity. Living a peaceful life is the right of every human being. Along with the thoughts, untiring efforts are needed to make the life beautiful and peaceful, not just for self but for others as well. Life is the reflection of inner consciousness. And key to the development of this inner consciousness is the breathing process.

Bhutshuddhikriya is a simple and easy path for the development of inner consciousness. Its knowledge is necessary for the development of humanity. For the evolution of humanity, this knowledge has been made available to the entire mankind by Maharshi Arvind Foundation. On the occasion of Vishwa Manavata Divas, every human should make a resolution to integrate the practice of Bhutshuddhikriya in daily life routine. This is a great opportunity for everyone to make an invaluable contribution to humanity by making their own life beautiful and peaceful through the development of inner consciousness.

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Schedule of the program

19th January 2022 (7 am to 8 am Indian Std Time)

Sequence of activities Estimated duration of activity
Hoisting of Universal Peace Flag 5 minutes
Message of Humanity 7 minutes
Pledge of Humanity 5 minutes
Bhutshuddhikriya (Five element purification process for inner consciousness development) 35 minutes
Prayer of Peace 3 minutes
Vote of thanks 3 minutes
Message of Humanism – English

Message of Humanism – Hindi

This audio file has the message to be played during the Humanism Day ceremony. Length of the audio is 5 minutes. The message describes the importance of Humanism day in the current world scenario.
Program details & protocol – English
This PDF document contains the agenda of the ceremony and protocol to be followed for the same. Care should be taken to stick to the agenda and maintain the timing as mentioned in the document.
Humanism Anthem
This audio file has the Humanism Anthem to be played immediately after hoisting of the flag. Currently only Hindi version is uploaded. English version would be made available soon.
Universal Harmony Flag Design
This jpg file has the design of the Universal Harmony Flag that is to be hoisted during the ceremony. This file can be used to print the flag. The ratio of 3 (length) X 2 (width) to be maintained while printing.
Invitation Template (Eng)
You can create invitation by downloading the powerpoint template. You will require to have software using which you can edit the .ppt file. Follow the steps:
1) Download the template on your computer and open the file using MS Office or any other software that supports editing it.
2) Update the Venue, Timing and Contact details i.e. Name and Phone number marked in <>.
3) After making necessary updates, save the file as pdf or jpg by clicking Save As function.
4) You can share the pdf/jpg using WhatsApp/Email/Facebook/Twitter as invite in your social circles
Banner Hindi 8X3 ft
Banner Hindi 4X3 ft
Banner English 8X3 ft
Banner English 4X3 ft
These jpg files can be used to print the banner that can be used during the event. Banners are available in English and Hindi languages.
BSK pocket Card English

BSK pocket Card Hindi

The pocket card has the steps of Bhutshuddhikriya as quick reference . It also has the purpose and pledge of Humanity Day. The pocket card can be printed back to back on A3 size paper and can be folded along the vertical and Horizontal lines to fit in a pocket. These cards can be distributed to the participants present.

यह पॉकेट कार्ड विशेषतः मानवता दिवस के लिए बनाया गया है | भूतशुद्धिक्रिया की मुद्राएं चित्र समेत पॉकेट कार्ड में उपलब्ध हैं|मानवता दिवस का उद्देश्य और संकल्प भी इसमें दिया गया है| A3 पेपर पर बैक-टू-बैक प्रिंट निकाल कर वर्टीकल और हॉरिजॉन्टल लकीरों पर मोड़ कर पॉकेट साइज़ बन जाता है | मानवता दिवस समारोह में आये हुए लोगों को यह कार्ड वितरित कर सकते हैं|

Pledge in English

Pledge in Hindi

Pledge In English

Pledge(संकल्प) In Hindi