Chakra Information

There are subtle energy centers in our body, which tap the cosmic energy & channelize it across the body. There are main seven energy centers, called chakras, which are located in the spinal cord & brain. At times, regular flow of energy between the naadi system or the astral nerves and the chakras is obstructed. These obstructions or blockages in the energy flow disrupt the energy flow to the cells leading to mind-body related disorders. The special breathing process combined with the prescribed hand movements of BhutShudhhiKriya, catalyses the energy flow in chakras for the purification of the naadi system. The harmonization of mind with rhythmic breathing patterns stabilizes the mind waves in the alpha range. Mind is most productive in the alpha state. As per the science of life force energy, the root cause of mental and physical ailments is the build-up of negative energy in the chakras. BhutShudhhiKriya increases the quanta of positive energy in the mind and body. The individual’s personality undergoes a positive, healthy and multi faceted transformation.