Eternal Infinite Bliss

PATH OF DIVINE LIFE is a concept whose end vision is to have Eternal infinite bliss for all that can be achieved through the development of foundational human values of Unconditional Love, Eternal Peace and Non Violence i.e. Humanism.

PDL offers an education framework for the total integrated development of an individual that leads him towards meaningful goal by empowering with necessary, effective & testified tools & techniques offered as education.

Humans are made up of matter and consciousness. Matter part can be further divided in three layers – a) Physical Body, which is made up of gross elements and sensory & motor organs b) Mind, which is subtle matter and is the center of emotions and feelings and c) Intellect, which is where the reasoning or judgment capabilities to decide between good and bad, right and wrong resides. Development at all these three manifested layers of matter and the environment around is the total integrated development.

PDL offers set of courses under Nature Oriented Education on values & ethics, Career Oriented Education on higher technology, sciences and research and Life Oriented self life education programs to accomplish total integrated development approach. It is inspired by the following statement that is full of visionary wisdom:

‘The remedy for weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength. Teach men of the strength that is already within them’. – Swami Vivekananda